Enjoying Vacations in Tunak Hill

Not only have the beautiful beaches with great underwater scenery but you can also the mountainous area that you can enjoy in Lombok Island.

The beautiful Tunak Hill in Lombok offers both the great scenery of the sea that you can enjoy from the top of a hill.

From the top of Tunak Hill you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the southern sea and the crash of waves against the cliffs of the hill.The Locations

Tunak Hill is located in Mertak village, Central Lombok. The hill is about sixty five to seventy kilometers away from Mataram city and you can reach the hill in about one and a half to two hours.

From Lombok International Airport, the hill can be reached only in one hour. The main transportation to reach the hill is personal cars or motorcycle.Things To Do

Tunak Hill is a combination of ocean and mountainous tourism. You will be able to do many things once you arrived at the hill.

Tunak Hill is actually a group of mountains and hills as well as some valleys. There are about nine beaches that you can explore along with some small forest and cliffs that you can climb.

The hill and the beaches are still very natural so you will not be able to find any man made activities there. However, Tunak Hill is under development of the local government so that it can be a place with ecotourism so that the natural beauty of the hill can be preserved.

You will be able to swim in the sea or just have a picnic on one of the beautiful hill at Tunak Hill.

You can also do some jungle and hill tracking once you reach the hill and for those who are interested in the animal kingdom you will have a chance to glimpse at some of the most unique animals native to Lombok.

You can also do some camping at the hill and enjoy the night view as well as try to do some fishing at the sea.

You need to be warned though, that there is no one that built any food kiosk or petrol for your car so when you are planning a trip to Tunak Hill, you will have to bring your own food and drinks and make sure that your tank is filled to the fullest and that your vehicle is at top condition.

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