A wide range of main points of interest in lombok from the well paved roads to the of beaten track, from the mountains resort to the fantastic beaches, to the main city to the barren plateau, all in one…as only time permits.

Malimbu Cliff

The best cliff to view the sunset in the western coastline of lombok ( Subject to weather conditions).

Pusuk Reserved Forest

This is one of the densiest tropical reserve rain forest in Lombok. It has a fantastic ocean view and there is friendly monkeys playing on the roadside, it’s defienity worth a stop.

Lendang Bajur

A typical small sasak market where you can find a lot of local vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, fish, fruit and local artifacts.

Country Museum

An overall look of local historical artifacts from the ancient to the present of West nusa tenggara province is exhibited and preserved in this museum. (subject to museum hours).


Mayura Temple

The royal floating palace ( bale kambang) of the former balinese kingdom, was built in 1744. it is located in cakranegara, close to the Pura Meru temple built in 1720.

Sweta Market

The biggest market on Lombok, where you can buy delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, fish, local artifacts and colorful Indonesia sarongs.

Narmada Water Palace

The summer palace of the former balinese King anak Agung Gede Ngurah from Karangasem Bali, built in 1727. the name Narmada Was derived from the name of a holy river india. It also meants ‘tear” or “unknown water”. Narmada was built for worshipping the Hindu god, Shiva.

Lingsar Temple

Pura Lingsar was built in 1714. it is the oldest and holiest temple in lombok, owned by both Hindus Moslem Waktu telu.

Take a relaxing tour around lombok, which will give a fascinating insight into the islands’s rich culture and way of life. A visit to villages which are well known for producing attractive bamboo furniture. The journey continues to the village of Karang Bayan and Nyiur Baya, Which makes unusual artifacts from “Mountain Weed”. On the way, you will see the preserved forest at Suranadi, located deep in the interior of the island.

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