The only place to enjoy a nature raft in is just in Meninting river. This is because the water gauge is constant even though during the dry season to which has a big impact on mostly many rivers in Lombok.

Meninting is some 7 km to the south from Senggigi is a fishermen village – a cut across by the winding a huge Midang from up head and connected by the Meninting river itself down the bottom where the delta was formed.

In Lombok we would take you on rafting on Meninting river to explore Lombok wildlife and sasak villages by the river.

With our comfortable bamboo raft can accommodate max 06 people and our local captain will take you see local life activities on the river of Meninting and also our guide will teach you all the flora and fauna of Lombok This Gondola Bamboo will start at 08.00 Am and only take you 02 hours on the river.

After that then, we continue up our trip of the day by visiting Lombok traditional house, Lombok pottery village and Lombok weaving village.This is the unique way to explore Lombok Island in a different way. Join us now and feel the experience of Lombok on Bamboo Rafting!  

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