The Wonderful Moyo Island ( Pulau Moyo ) Tour

Pulau Moyo is an elegantly arching crescent if volcanic rock, covered with a thick jungle that spreads all across 36,000 of the island. It floats on the top of the gorgeous azure of seas located in the northern sphere of Sumbawa Besar.

It has roughly the same size as Singapore and there are only five small villages inhabit the place with relatively small numbers of villagers. There are almost no commercial developments done to this island, hence the reason why the place is still so pristine and pure.

The design of this island managed to form a natural, yet beautiful reserve that’s perfect for biking and hiking trails.

It is brimming with a wide and rich diversity of reefs, and all those mesmerizing charms of Lombok you have probably heard from fellow travellers before can also be found here thanks to its naturally beautiful island with lots of resources that can facilitate a series of enjoyable beach holidays or memorable Lombok tour that would never forget as part of family holidays.

When it comes to couple holidays, Lombok is generally a great place for romantic honeymoon or a simple couple trip too. Nonetheless, if you are currently planning to spend your vacation and your holiday in Pulau Moyo of Lombok, you might want to know several of these things.

As it is rich with natural attractions such as natural trails, natural reefs, pristine marine ecosystem and many more, it also has beautiful waterfalls that should not be missed out.

Not only that, but you can also rent a fast boat if you wish to take your time visiting Komodo island, which is actually not that far from Pulau Moyo. There are a lot of good diving spot here, and you might wish to ask your Lombok tour guide to give you the information on the area.

There are more good reasons why you should consider a journey to this island. If you are familiar with the beautiful Lombok Gilis, you would find a lot of enjoyment from spending your holiday at this place.

You can see many exotic animals such as green turtles, loggerheads, wild pigs, barking deer, long-tail macaques that can be found patrolling the island’s canopies, as well as a wide and rich populations of birds which are unique to Pulau Moyo.

There are so many reasons why you can easily enjoy your holiday at this island. However, accommodation of Pulau Moyo is limited, you can only find one expensive resort to accommodate you, which many can’t simply afford it. However, if you are not planning to stay, then you can enjoy the beauty of Pulau Moyo in just one day trip. Happy traveling!

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