The Stunning Nipah Beach Lombok | Enjoy The Fresh Grilled fish!

Most of holiday makers who are having Lombok trip know about Senggigi beach but they may never hear about Nipah beach. This beach is not as popular as Senggigi but its beauty is spectacular and breathtaking as Senggigi’s beauty. Having a holiday in this beach will surely make your Lombok vacation more unforgettable. This beach is a great alternative for family holidays. You and your family can enjoy fresh grilled fish at one of the small beachfront restaurants. It is also great for couples holidays because this beach is quieter than Senggigi Beach or Gili Trawangan.

Where is Nipah beach

Nipah beach is located upnorth of Senggigi. It is not very far from the famous Senggigi beach. It takes around 30-minute drive from Senggigi to reach this beach. This white sanded beach is very easy to find. The road to access this beach is in excellent condition. However, if you have a tendency to suffer from car sick, you must be aware that the journey to this beautiful place involves winding, up, and down road. Along the journey, you lovely green hills. At the end of the journey, you will see a road sign with ‘Nipah Beach’ written on it. When you are entering the beach area, you will see stunning white beach, blue sea water, and many fishermen’s boats along the beach. There is no need to pay entrance ticket to enjoy Nipah beach beauty. All you need to do is pay the parking cost.

Nipah beach at a glance

Nipah Beach is not very popular because there are not many resorts you can find at the area around this beach. The villages around this white sand beach are fisherman villages which is more traditional than the resort areas. Most holiday makers may not be familiar with this beach. However, Nipah beach is famous among fish lovers. In this beach, they can enjoy delicious grilled fish freshly caught by the local fishermen. Enjoying delicious meals while taking pleasure in seeing the gorgeous beach in front of them is very fun and exciting for them.

Nipah beach is also famous for its cooler atmosphere than other Lombok beaches. You will find a lot of trees around the beach. These green trees give more shade to this beach so that this beach has cooler temperature. This beach is also a famous spot to see the sunset. The hill behind this beautiful beach is a perfect spot to see the sunset.


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