Tanjung Aan Beach: An Amazing Beach in Lombok That You Must Visit

It is true that Lombok is popular for its beautiful beaches. If you visit the island, you will be astonished to see how beautiful those sandy beaches are. Among the many beautiful beaches, Tanjung Aan Beach is simply one of them that you must visit.

It is located in the southern part of Central Lombok, near other popular beaches in Central Lombok. It now becomes a destination for local and international tourists.

Whether you want to travel along or have couples holidays, you can always consider the beach as your must to visit list. However, before you go, you definitely want to know the reasons why the beach is highly recommended, don’t you?

Actually, there are 3 reasons why An Beach is worth your visit. The first reason is its sand. Tanjung Aan Beach is a white, clean sandy beach. As far as you can see, the white sand offers beautiful sceneries.

You can walk on foot on the sand and feel how the sand is massaging your feet while they are partly buried by the sand.

Then, the second reason is the gradation of beach blue color. It is true that blue color creates peaceful feeling to everyone who sees it. After a long week of boring daily routine, you can relieve your stress by seeing the beautiful color of the beach.

This Lombok trip does not only enable you to enjoy beautiful sceneries but also enables you to get rid of your stress and recharge your energy.

Further, the third reason is unmatched beauty of sunset. Instead of returning to your home, you can spend your evening on the beach, enjoying beautiful sunset. You may sit with your loved one on the beach while watching the sun that is going to set.

The fourth reason is its crystal white water. Spending your vacation in a beach that has such water is great because you can play various outdoor activities on the beach enjoyably. The last reason is the opportunity to see the beauty of the beach from nearby hills.

You may go up the hills and find your best spot to take pictures of the beach. You can also take your pictures on the hills because they are also attractive. One thing that you must remember is to pay attention to your safety.

You should not go to a difficult spot just to take pictures because it may create a danger to you. Enjoy the beach but keep safe.

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