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The charm of Senggigi Beach in Lombok has not faded in 2024

Until 2024, I still often encounter several questions like: What are the special features of Senggigi Beach?, Why is Senggigi Beach one of the interesting places?, What beauty is there in Senggigi Beach?

We cannot answer the above questions with just a few sentences, so we hope you can take a little time to read until the end.

menunggu sunset di pantai senggigi lombok

1. History of Senggigi beach

Before the emergence of hundreds of new tourist destinations in Lombok, this legendary beach marked the beginning of tourism growth in Lombok, alongside Gili Trawangan. A small beach located in West Lombok Regency, about 15 kilometers from the center of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province.

White sand and calm waves make this beach special among others in the vicinity, where the sand tends to be black with more vigorous waves and currents.

2. General Information

The area of Senggigi Beach is approximately 4,700 square meters, much smaller than Kuta Beach in Bali, but its beauty is certainly competitive.

To enjoy the tranquility of this beach, you don’t need to pay an entrance fee to Senggigi Beach. You only need to pay a parking fee of Rp. 5,000 for motorcycles and Rp. 10,000 for cars.

The parking fee is managed by the local tourism cooperative for the improvement of various facilities and enhancing security at Senggigi Beach.

The beach is open 24 hours, and you can come anytime as it is always open to the public.

The temperature at Senggigi Beach is relatively cool due to the lush surrounding trees. It’s perfect for sunbathing without worrying about sunburn. However, we always recommend using sunscreen to prevent skin damage from UV exposure.

3. The route to Senggigi Beach

If you start your journey from Lombok International Airport, you need to allocate about 40-60 minutes because the distance from the airport to Senggigi Beach is only about 50 kilometers. You can take advantage of our private car rental service since there is no public transportation that can take you from the airport.

The distance from Senggigi Beach to Mataram is only 15 kilometers and can be covered in just 30 minutes. So, if you happen to be in the city of Mataram, it’s worth taking the time to visit this beautiful beach.

Getting to Senggigi Beach is not difficult because you just need to follow the coastal road in the city of Mataram and West Lombok Regency. Use Google Maps if you feel a little uncertain. If you are coming from Mataram, we recommend using online motorcycle taxi services like Gojek, GoCar, or Grab, which are readily available to and from Senggigi Beach.

As for the DAMRI bus to Senggigi, we don’t highly recommend relying on it, as we often check the DAMRI app, and the schedules are more often than not unavailable.

Another alternative for transportation to Senggigi is to hire a private car with a driver, a service offered by almost all travel agents in Lombok, including Lombok Journey.

The route to Senggigi Beach is easy to navigate from any direction, so don’t worry about getting lost. Just go for it!

4. Culinary

Within the area of Senggigi Beach, there are many culinary stalls from local food seller. You can find various items such as meatball soup (bakso), instant noodles (popmie), fried rice (nasi goreng), fried bananas (pisang goreng), stuffed tofu (tahu isi), and young coconut ice, which you can order directly on the spot. However, these stalls are typically open only until the evening.

In the evening, you can explore the street food along the Senggigi Beach while enjoying the scent of the sea breeze along the sidewalk.

5. Tourist attractions are nearby Senggigi Beach?

  • Religious Tourism – Several kilometers before reaching this beach, there are religious attractions for Muslims called Makam Batu Layar and Pura Batu Bolong for Hindus.
  • Waterfall – Many may not know that there is a waterfall on the hill around Senggigi Beach called Air Terjun Semporonan. You need to do soft trekking to get there.
  • Legend Lake – For Glamping enthusiasts, there is also a super cool spot called Legend Lake located at Kerandangan Beach.
  • Sunset Lake – Having a similar concept and a nearby location. The difference is that Sunset Lake is managed by the village government of Senggigi.
  • Kerandangan Nature Conservation Park – One of the conservation areas for various flora and fauna commercially utilized for educational tourism purposes. The most interesting part of this place is the various types of butterflies and endangered local birds.
  • Trigona Mangsit Park – An educational tourist destination that teaches how to harvest Trigona honey.

6. Other beautiful beaches near Senggigi Beach.

  • duduk Beach
  • batu bolong beach
  • kerandangan beach
  • Klui beach
  • Pandanan beach

7. Accommodation

Homestays and hotels starting from 100 thousand are available in this area, as well as hotels and resorts with sea views that are easily found. Luxurious villas are scattered on the surrounding hills.

In essence, it’s not difficult to find accommodation options. Just set your budget, from 100 thousand to 5 million rupiahs per night, and all choices are available.

Some hotels near Senggigi Beach:

  • Merrumata hotel
  • Aruna hotel
  • Montana hotel
  • Bumi Aditya hotel
  • Sheraton hotel
  • Pasific hotel
  • Purisaron hotel

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ombak dan mercusuar pantai senggigi lombok

8. Exciting tourist activities on Senggigi Beach.

This beach, besides being beautiful, also offers many exciting things to explore.


This is a favorite family picnic spot in Lombok. You don’t even need to bother bringing a sitting mat because many places rent them at a low cost. Some stalls even provide them for free if you order food from them.


Swimming, floating until you fall asleep on the seawater is the first thing you must enjoy.


Although the underwater scenery may not be as beautiful as Gili Trawangan or Gili Nanggu, it can still be enjoyed.


Along the beach, there are always those renting canoes and inflatable tubes at an affordable rate for unlimited use.


Although the waves are relatively calm, there are some spots on this beach with decent waves suitable for learning to surf.

Jet ski

In addition to canoes and inflatable tubes, there is also jet ski rental.


Walking south, there is a fishing spot highly favored by locals.


The sunset at Senggigi Beach is one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island of Lombok. The orange horizon above the gently whispering small waves, the sun slowly sets beside the lighthouse. Ah! No need to continue…

Senggigi Beach Art Market

Handmade art enthusiasts must visit the art market. You can also find souvenirs for friends and family.

Night entertainment

This beach comes alive at night. Cafés, pubs, clubs, and various nightlife spots become additional options to complement the main destination of West Lombok.


When your body feels tired or jet-lagged, a spa can be a solution.

9. Supporting facilities.

Port / Harbor

This dock can connect tourist routes to Bali and Gili Trawangan. Unfortunately, the routes provided by boat operators are not as frequent and intense as those at Bangsal Harbor.

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In addition to serving as a directional guide for fishermen, this lighthouse also adds significant aesthetic and iconic value.

Place of worship

A prayer room (Mushalla) is available within the Senggigi Beach area.

Money Exchange

Due to frequent visits by foreign tourists, currency exchange businesses have also grown, and you can find them along the street.

10. Best Visiting Time

This beach can be visited any time.

11. Events

Senggigi festival

There is the Senggigi Festival held annually by the West Lombok Regency government. It showcases local arts and culture, including traditional dances, Gendang Belek (traditional drum performance), Peresean (traditional stick fighting), craft exhibitions, and more.

Sunset Jazz

The event, also known as Jazz Pantai, invites famous singers and bands from the capital city every year. Sasak ethnic music is also included to introduce the local musicality of the island of Lombok.

12. Needs attention

Beach attire

Considering that the local community mostly adheres to Islam, visitors are expected not to wear overly revealing attire, such as bikinis.

Sensual behavior

No hugging, kissing, or engaging in actions that invite sensuality and are not child-friendly. Considering that this beach is a favorite destination for families.

Use of drones and cameras

There are no restrictions on the use of drones and cameras on this beach. Feel free to capture and immortalize images while respecting other tourists and avoiding selfies that may endanger safety.

The beauty of Senggigi Beach and all its memories are never overshadowed by the discovery of hundreds of beaches on the island of Lombok. We hope you can visit again and again.

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