Senggigi Beach Holiday

Are you thinking of having a holiday in Lombok? If you are, you must include Senggigi Beach in your Lombok tour plan. Your Lombok trip will not be perfect without visiting this most popular beach in Lombok. This beautiful beach is located several kilometers from the capital city, Mataram. This west facing beach is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Senggigi Beach is located at Senggigi region. This region is divided into smaller areas with Senggigi as the center. Some of the towns in this region are Mangsit, Kerangdangan, and Batu Bolong. Most beachfront hotels and resorts are located in Mangsit and Batu Bolong. Meanwhile, at the center of Senggigi, you will find various entertainment choices such as night clubs, shopping centers, bars, and restaurants. Senggigi is suitable for both family holidays and couples holidays.

Get in and getting around Senggigi beach

Senggigi beach is very easy to reach. You can access it using different choices of transportation. To visit this beach, you can take 20-minute drive from Mataram. From the Lombok International Airport, you can hop on the airport bus to this beautiful beach. It takes between 1.5 hours to 2 hours to reach Senggigi. You can also take the airport taxi. It is faster but more expensive.

Getting around Senggigi is not difficult at all. There are various types of public transportation you can use. Some of the public transportation choices are bemo,fast boat, taxi, and horsecart. Bemo is one of the most affordable transportation in this area.  For a short distant trip, taking a horse cart can be a great alternative.  You can also rent cars or motorcycles at this region.

Things to do at Senggigi beach

When you are having a vacation in Senggigi, you must not miss to see the sunset at the Senggigi beach. This beach stretches out along the center of Senggigi coastline. You can swim in the clear sea water or enjoy sunbathing. You can also go diving and snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of underwater coral life. If you and your family want to have some quality time, you can go to Kerangdangan beach near Senggigi beach. At this beach, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and eat some local snacks. While you have this beach holidays, you can also visit Kaarang Bolong Temple. This Hindu temple is located in a scenic place overlooking Senggigi beach. Other tourist attraction spots around Senggigi are weaving village and waterfalls.

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