Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfall: Sweet Escape from Routines

Lombok is not only famous of its beaches, but also famous of its natural sceneries, and one of it is the beauty of mountainous scenery. Mt. Rinjani is also another alternative vacation you can enjoy in Lombok. For those who like hiking, there will be so many guidance you can find to help you hike this mountain. Near this are, there are two waterfalls you can enjoy, Sendang Gile & Aik Kelep waterfall. These two waterfalls can be accessed directly from the northern hiking gate of Rinjani. If you choose Sembalun as the starting point for hiking, then you can stop and finish at Senaru, and in Senaru you can directly see these two waterfalls.

Well, from the gate of the hiking you will find the entrance gate of this two waterfall. You need to pay IDR 5.000 to enjoy this Lombok tour. These two waterfalls are divided into two roads, left and right. Thus, choose the one that you want to visit first. Before the road is divided into two, you have to pass rock stairs for 15 minutes. Great alternative besides having beach holidays, right? For those who like traveling, this can be challenging. After 15 minutes passing the stairs, then you need to walk for an hour passing slippery rocks. What a great journey!

If you want to skip Rinjani in your Lombok Trip, you can drive from Mataram for 2,5 hours to get to these waterfalls. The distance you have to pass is around 60 kilometers. There are two routes that you can choose, passing Pusuk and the second route is through Senggigi beach. Well, there is no public transportation that can help you to visit the waterfall, you need to rent a car or motorbikes. The price is quite affordable, IDR 50.000 for one motorbike a day, while IDR 600.000 for a car per 10 hours.

Your holiday does not stop here. For those who conduct family holidays or couples holidays, you can rent a guest house or homestay there. You just need to spend around IDR 200.000 per night for staying near the waterfalls. There are some notes you have to keep when visiting this place. Do not forget to bring your own food and drink since there is no food stalls here. Besides, bring your own trash bag to keep the nature clean from garbage. Local guide is required if you do not know nothing about this destination. Great alternative to visit besides the Lombok Gilis.

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