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Everything You Need to Know About Sembalun Village in Lombok

If I may give a title, I will give the title of the Mother City of tourist villages in Lombok to Sembalun Village. There are too many reasons that make us dare to give this title.

Sembalun almost has everything to please the eyes; as soon as you arrive, you are greeted with breathtaking views at the Pusuk viewpoint in Sembalun. There are beautiful and neatly arranged terraced rice fields, towering hills, the grandeur of Mount Rinjani, and a comfortable atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere. Perhaps the only shortcoming of Sembalun village is not having a beach.

Okay, the introduction is enough because I wrote this informative review at length so that you can use it as a comprehensive guide for traveling to Sembalun village.

Pusuk pass sembalun

1. Geographic

Administratively, Sembalun village is actually a district in East Lombok regency with a total area of 217.08 square kilometers. It includes 6 villages: Sembalun Bumbung Village, Sembalun Lawang Village, Sajang Village, Bilok Petung Village, Sembalun Village, and Sembalun Timba Gading Village.

Then, what is the elevation of Sembalun village? For residential areas (excluding hills and mountains), Sembalun village is situated at an average altitude of 800-1200 meters above sea level (MASL).

The temperature in Sembalun varies based on the rainy and dry seasons. During the dry season, temperatures can reach 10-11 degrees Celsius, while in the rainy season, temperatures are warmer, ranging from 20-22 degrees Celsius.

The peak of the coldest temperatures occurs in July-August.

2. Demographic

The population of the Sembalun district, based on the 2017 BPS data, is recorded at 20,050 people with the following distribution:

  • Sembalun Bumbung Village: 6,165 people
  • Sembalun Lawang Village: 4,412 people
  • Sajang Village: 3,247 people
  • Bilok Pitung Village: 2,539 people
  • Sembalun Village: 2,186 people
  • Sembalun Timba Gading Village: 1,501 people

With such a population, what types of livelihoods exist in Sembalun? The vast and fertile land makes farming the primary profession, with agriculture being a prominent choice.

Then, with the popularity of Mount Rinjani trekking, Sembalun residents have also turned to new livelihoods as mountain guides and mountain porters. Additionally, opportunities in transportation and accommodation businesses have opened up.

Speaking of the religion embraced by the residents of Sembalun, 100 percent are Muslims, and there is no presence of other religious communities residing here.

3. How to get to Sembalun

There is no public transportation that you can rely on to take you directly to Sembalun village. You can use our car rental services ( Self Drive / With Driver ).

Route to Sembalun Village

There are two main routes to reach Sembalun:

  1. Through the main route (Central Lombok): This route takes the national road or the main road that cuts across the island of Lombok. Advantages of this route: shorter distance and travel time. Disadvantages: steeper inclines, sharp turns, heavier traffic, and fewer scenic views during the journey. It is highly discouraged to use an old car on this route.
  2. Through the secondary route (Northern Lombok): This route is indeed longer, but driving on this route feels much more enjoyable due to the beautiful views along the way. Additionally, the traffic flow is smoother. If you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy more of Lombok Island, we highly recommend taking this route.

How to get to Sembalun from the airport

From Lombok International Airport, it is highly recommended to use private transportation, either in the form of charter or you can use our car rental service for more flexibility.

There is indeed another option available, the DAMRI bus. However, you have to book tickets several times and wait longer. I also cannot guarantee that the route will always be available as many routes have been discontinued at the time this article was written.

Checkpoint: Bandara – Lombok Epicentrum Mall – Bangsal – Geopark Sembalun

How to get to Sembalun from the city of Mataram

As previously recommended, you can rent a car or rent a motorcycle and use Google Maps to guide you on your journey.

The second option is DAMRI. You can book tickets through the Damri app, select the Mataram-Bangsal route, then purchase another ticket for the Bangsal-Sembalun Geopark route.

How to get to Sembalun from Gili Trawangan

First, you have to cross using a speedboat or public boat to the Bangsal port in North Lombok.

After arriving at the Bangsal port, you can choose private transport charter services that are widely available there. You can also rent a car without a driver from us.

Renting a motorcycle can also be a pleasant touring experience.

If you’re lucky, you can use the Damri transportation by choosing the route from Bangsal port to Sembalun Geopark.

Damri schedule to Sembalun

There is no clear schedule for the Damri route to Sembalun. Please download the DAMRI Apps to check the route availability.

4. Tourist attractions in Sembalun Village

What tourist attractions are there in Sembalun? Let’s scroll!

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Climbing Mount Rinjani through the Sembalun route remains a favorite because it is shorter to reach the summit. The views offered along the Sembalun route include vast and open savanna fields.

Stunning landscapes are exposed, making climbers always eager to look back during the ascent.

Hills in Sembalun

If you want a different view and a shorter, lighter climb, you can try climbing many of the available hills. To the point that a new term has emerged, namely the Sembalun Seven Summit Hills, which consist of:

  • Rinjani Peak (at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level or masl)
  • Sempana Peak (2329 masl)
  • Lembah Gedong Peak (2200 masl)
  • Kondo Peak (1937 masl)
  • Anak Dara Peak (1923 masl)
  • Pergasingan Peak (1805 masl)
  • Bao Ritip Peak (1500 masl)

In addition, there are also several hills that are not too high and suitable for light healing, such as:

  • Selong Hill
  • Dandaun Savanna Hill
  • Siswa Hill
  • Lincak Hill
  • Telaga Hill
  • Lawang Paragliding Hill
  • Tangkok Hill
  • Inspiration Hill

Waterfalls in Sembalun

Along the “Kokoq Puteq” river that flows through Sembalun, many waterfalls are created. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Dewi Selendang Waterfall.
  • Mangku Sakti Waterfall.
  • Mangku Kodek Waterfall.
  • Umar Maye Waterfall.
  • Madu Waterfall.


The vast and fertile land, a gift from God, makes Sembalun Village a village with high potential for agrotourism, including:

  • Wisata Petik Buah Strawberry
  • Wisata Petik Apel
  • Wisata Kopi
  • Sayur & Umbi-umbian

Historical Tourism

It turns out that Sembalun Village also leaves traces of past civilizations that are interesting. This is evident with the presence of several traditional houses still standing in various locations that you can visit as educational tourism destinations.

The most famous sites are “Desa Beleq,” which is a traditional village, and “Masjid Pertame,” the first mosque built by the ancestors of the Sembalun village community in the past.

In addition, the people of Sembalun village also inherit the traditional Sasak weaving tradition. They have distinctive weaving motifs that differ from weaving centers in Lombok.

If you are interested in learning weaving seriously, Lombok Journey provides Lombok Traditional Tours & course with professional mentors.

Paragliding in Sembalun

This Sembalun Village has air circulation and geothermal conditions that strongly support paragliding activities in Lombok.

In this village, dozens of professional paragliding pilots have been born who are certified for tandem flights. So, it is very safe if you want to fly over the land with this breathtaking view.


This serene nature is undoubtedly a loss if not enjoyed with glamping (glamour camping). “Your mental health needs healing,” said a child from South Jakarta. Sajang Glamping is one of the most well-known camping providers in Sembalun Village.

Attractions in Sembalun

Here’s what’s currently viral on social media. There is a natural attraction called “Taman Surga Rinjani” that offers many attractive rides such as the Sembalun Slide, hot air balloon, hanging bike, and cool photo spots that instantly increase your followers.

Other interesting activities

In addition to the mentioned tourist activities, there are actually many simple things you can do to maximize your vacation in Sembalun Village. Like cycling around the rice fields and stopping at Pusuk Pass in Sembalun.

5. Accommodations in Sembalun Village

Staycation in Sembalun with family, friends, and loved ones does indeed provide a familiar and harmonious atmosphere. Supported by affordable hotels in Sembalun.

There are many homestays that are very suitable and comfortable for accommodation, of course, with even more affordable prices.

6. Public Facilities

  • Wide and smooth roads
  • Places of worship, mosques are easily found, but there are no places of worship for non-Muslims
  • Spacious rest areas
  • Community Health Center (Puskesmas)
  • Several national banks have opened ATM branches in Sembalun

7. The Tourism Village Award for Sembalun

After winning awards the previous year, with Lombok being recognized as the World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination and World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination at the World Halal Travel Award 2015 in the United Arab Emirates, Sembalun Tourism Village followed suit in 2016. It emerged as the Winner of the World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination, presented during the International Travel Week in Abu Dhabi.

We hope that this article about Sembalun Village can serve as a guide and accurate source of information for those planning their holidays. If there are any unclear points or if you wish to correct the author regarding any inaccuracies, please contact the admin via WhatsApp or leave a comment below.

Matur tampi asih!!”

(Note: “Matur tampi asih” appears to be in the Sasak language spoken in Lombok and is a way of expressing gratitude or thanks.)

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