Segenter Waterfall Lombok

Aside from stunning beaches and gorgeous Lombok Gilis, Lombok is also famous for its beautiful waterfall. One of them is Segenter Waterfall. Your Lombok Trip will be more memorable if you include this waterfall in your Lombok tour plan. This waterfall is pretty untouched. The local government has not managed it yet. That’s why you are not required to pay entrance fee when you are visiting this waterfall. Even though it is not well managed, many people have heard about the untouched beauty of Segenter Waterfall. Many people visit it on weekend regardless the difficult path they have to follow to reach the waterfall. They are willing to do it in order to enjoy its beauty.

Where is Segenter Waterfall?

Segenter Waterfall is the part of Raya Nuraksa Forest Garden. It is located in Kumbi village, Narmada district, West Lombok. It is about 30 km from Mataram. When you are planning to have a weekend vacation at this waterfall, make sure that you are prepared for the adventure and rough path ahead. You will through a wide asphalt road in a good condition for several kilometers. However, once you reach the gate of Raya Nuraksa Forest Garden, you must be ready for the rough path. You must get through this path before you can park your car. After that, you must climb down a long and windy path until you reach Segenter Waterfall. To visit this waterfall, you had better rent a car plus driver from a travel agency because it is safer to do so.

The beauty of Segenter Waterfall

Segenter Waterfall is very beautiful. It is about 20 m high. The water that flows on this waterfall is from the Pankoaq River. The water is very clear and cool. This waterfall has a pretty large pool. Bathing in this pool will surely wash away the tiredness you feel after the long trip. However, you must be careful in swimming and bathing in this pool. You must remember not to get close to where the water falls to stay safe. Around the waterfall, you will see green forest and big rocks. There is also a meadow in front of the pool. You can have a picnic on it. If you want to have more adventure, you can go to the top parts of the waterfall. Ask your guide to show you the path to reach it. And once you reach it, don’t forget to take a photo to capture its rocky beauty.

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