Sade Traditional Village

Indonesia is an archipelago country that consists of thousands of islands as well as different tribes. The many traditional traditions of these tribes are really interesting to study and to experience some times. You can experience the traditional lifestyle of one of the tribe in Indonesia in Sade Village located in the Lombok Island. Sade Traditional Village is the house of the Sasak Tribe that actually Austronesian that migrated from mainland Asia to the Lombok Island.

Sade Traditional Village location

The Sade Traditional Village is located in Central Lombok, just off the road that connects Mataram city with the Southern Lombok. The village is inhibited by only about a hundred and fifty families with only four hundred people living at the village. Many people believe that all the people living in Sade village are related by blood to each other since marrying inside the family is one of the old traditions that are still preserved by the Sasak Tribe.

  1. The History

As I said before, the Sasak Tribe is the native of Lombok Island and eighty five percent of the people who live in Lombok are Sasak people. The origin of the Sasak tribe is the Austronesian people from mainland Asia that migrated to Lombok around 5000 BC, similar to the origin of many other tribes in Indonesia. Even though Bali has a great influence in Lombok, unless Balinese people who embrace Hinduism as their religion, the Sasak tribe embrace Islam as their religion. One unique tradition of Sasak Tribe is their traditional house that is built in rows. The houses or bale are divided into three sections, the living room, the sleeping quarters, and the kitchen.

Things to Do in Sade Village

When you visit the Sade Traditional Village, you can stay at one of the villagers’ houses and experience the everyday life of the Sasak Tribe. You will be able to taste the local food, learn the arts and crafts of the village, as well as enjoy the dances and other art performances performed by the villagers. If you decide to only spend e few housrs on the village you can enjoy the traditional way of life of the villagers and you can also buy some unique souvenirs that the locals made. Even though most of the traditions in Lombok are heavily influenced by Balinese and Javanese traditions, the mixed culture of the Lombok Island is still unique and very interesting to observe.

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