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Pink Beach Lombok East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

pantai pink lombok timur panorama

Soft white sand with pinkish-red grains stretches along the East Pink Beach Lombok. The relatively calm waves add perfection to this beach, making it an ideal place for leisure with your lover, family, or closest friends.

Rows of “berugak” (structures similar to Lombok’s traditional gazebos) and trees providing shade along the beach also enhance the Pink Beach’s value as a recommended tourist destination.

Another plus point for East Pink Beach Lombok is the hill next to it, with green grass and trees offering views of the pink beach, Mount Rinjani, and the blue-colored ocean that can be explored.

The hill is not too high, requiring minimal effort to reach the top, but the breathtaking scenery it offers is truly captivating.

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pink beach lombok

Pink Beach is located at the southern tip of East Lombok, approximately 1.5 hours’ drive from Lombok International Airport. Pink Beach lombok can be reached by private vehicles, both cars and motorcycles. The roads are relatively smooth and beautiful.

Throughout the journey to Pink Beach Lombok, you are treated to the lushness of trees and vast expanses of rice fields. If you’re fortunate, you might even pass through a road lined with flourishing cornfields, which is very refreshing to the eyes.

There are a few parts of the road that are slightly damaged, but they are not numerous and can still be traversed quite well by vehicles.

How to get to pink beach lombok

cara menuju ke pantai pink lewat laut

There are two ways to reach this beach. The first is by land, and the second is by sea.

If you choose the land route, we recommend using a sturdy car with decent ground clearance, as some areas have fairly severe road damage. Using a motorcycle is highly recommended for this land route trip.

For the sea route, there are two locations you can head to start your journey. The first is Tanjung Luar port, the most famous port for sea trips to this beach. The second is Telong-elong port, which is less known but actually more comfortable to start your journey from this location.

Entrance & Parking Ticket

Daftar tarif masuk pantai pink resmi

Here are the official rates for Pink Beach as of the writing of this article on December 13, 2023. These rates are officially issued by the BKPH Rinjani Timur and the Forest Farmer Group “Pink Lestari” and are not considered extortion.

Entrance (Indonesian)7.500/Person
Entrance (Foreigner)25.000/Person
Entrance for group (5 Peoples Minimum) Indonesian5.000/Person
Entrance for group (5 peoples minimum) foreigner15.000/Person
2 wheeled vehicle parking5.000/Day
4 wheeled vehicle parking10.000/Day
6 wheeled vehicle parking25.000/Day
Wildlife Seeing10.000/Person/package
Outbond Training150.000/person/day
Prewedding Session200.000/session
Video Clip250.000/session
Feature Filmmaking1.000.000/day
*May change everytime

piknik bersama keluarga di pantai pink lombok

Pink beach lombok facilities

Here are some facilities available at Pink Beach Lombok:


Visitors can use the paid toilets provided by some of the shops there. The toilet fee is Rp. 5,000 for urination and defecation, and Rp. 10,000 for bathing. The condition of the toilets is basic, but privacy is reasonably secure and good.

Trash Bins

There are several trash bins provided along the beach. Unfortunately, there are no trash bins when going up the hill, so make sure to carry your waste down and dispose of it in the designated bins.

cewek chindo cantik di pink beach

3. Sheltered area

Visitors don’t need to worry if the weather is too hot or if it suddenly rains unexpectedly, as a row of “berugak” is provided along the Pink Beach lombok. Berugak is a traditional Sasak Lombok building with four to six pillars.

Berugak resembles a raised house without walls, with a woven bamboo floor and a roof made of alang-alang (thatch) or clay tiles. These berugak structures are ready to protect visitors from the intense sun or heavy rain.

4. Food Court in pink beach lombok

There are several food stalls open on the right side of Pink Beach, where you can order grilled fish with young coconut or other menu options. However, for personal needs such as medicine or bathing essentials, it is advisable to prepare them yourself.

seafood pantai pink

5. Accomodation nearby

There are not many accommodations around East Pink Beach in Lombok, but you can find one or two. You can ask your tour organizer to help you find one or stay in accommodations not far from the beach.

The nearest accommodation to Pink Beach is Jeeva Beloam, a luxurious and private resort. For budget accommodations, you can search around the Ekas area.

view dari atas bukit pantai pink lombok

Pink Beach Lombok Activity

Some activities that visitors can engage in at Pink Beach lombok include:

1. Enjoying its beauty and bathing by the beach.

Of course, when visiting Pink Beach in Lombok, it would be a shame if visitors do not enjoy the enchanting beauty of the beach. The sand is a creamy white with pinkish grains. Along the beach, visitors can find many pink coral fragments.

The sand is incredibly soft, reminiscent of creamy gelato. Visitors can also bathe by the beach due to the relatively calm waves.

2. Exploring the beach with boat & canoe

Visitors can also explore the blue sea by taking a ride on the provided boats or canoes. There are several small islets that can be seen while sailing. This activity is very enjoyable and can be done just to savor a sunny day.

3. Snorkeling

The beach formed from pink coral fragments is undoubtedly rich in coral reefs and marine life. You can engage in snorkeling activities there, but we do not recommend venturing too far from the shore.

snorkeling di gili petelu pantai pink

4. Gili Petelu Snorkeling

If you want to have a more fantastic snorkeling experience, visit Gili Petelu, which is not far from this beach. Due to the abundance of fish, Gili Petelu is sometimes referred to as the “fish palace” or “fish house.”

This island is included in the itinerary of the Pink Beach tour package that we offer.

5. Visiting pink beach 2 ( Segui beach lombok )

pantai pink 2 segui lombok

Pink Beach 1 and Pink Beach 2 are neighboring beaches separated by a hill. Pink Beach 2 has a more tranquil and secluded beach character. In this beach, also known as Segui Beach, there are no vendors, making it almost like a private beach.

If you book the Pink Beach tour package from Lombok Journey, visiting Pink Beach 2 is part of the itinerary.

6. Visiting Tanjung Ringgit

Having come all this way, it would be a bit of a shame not to explore Tanjung Ringgit. It is one of the prominent tourist destinations in East Lombok. Tanjung Ringgit directly faces the open sea, and the strong waves have carved the rocks around it into magnificent formations.

7. Visiting Mangrove Forest

With a chartered boat, visitors can also request to be taken to the Mangrove Forest, which is not far from this beautiful beach. There, visitors can experience the shade of mangrove trees and receive an educational tour to broaden their knowledge.

8. Tangsi Hill Soft Trekking

soft trekking bukit tangsi pantai pink

Visitors can also engage in soft trekking by climbing the hill located next to the beach (still within the Pink Beach area). This hill stands with green grass and trees, offering views of Mount Rinjani, Pink Beach, and the blue-colored ocean that can be explored.

The hill is not too high, requiring minimal effort to reach the top, but the scenery it offers is truly captivating. There are trees that can be used as shade if visitors come during hot days.

The views from this hill, named Bukit Tangsi, are no less impressive than the famous Merese Hill in Mandalika.

9. Outbond

paket tour pantai pink ayunan

Visitors can organize various exciting games to fill their leisure time when visiting Pink Beach lombok. The incredibly soft sand provides a perfect surface for running around.

East Pink Beach in Lombok is a place that is truly worth visiting. The best times to come to Pink Beach are in the morning and late afternoon. Especially if you have the opportunity to stay overnight, it will undoubtedly be a memorable experience in your life.

You can experience the sunrise and sunset, with their gentle light kissing the reddish-hued expanse of sand.

10. Visiting Pulau Pasir ( Sand Island )

bendera indonesia di gili pasir lombok

The small island likes to hide beneath the sea. It only emerges at certain times when the sea level is low, typically in the morning or afternoon. If you’re visiting Pink Beach lombok by boat, this spot is a must-visit during low tide.

pantai pink background rinjani anbiya khatulistiwa

To be Noted

There are several things to pay attention to while visiting Pink Beach in Lombok, including:

  1. Ocean Currents:
    Despite appearing calm, the ocean currents can be unpredictable and often change drastically. This is normal as the beach is close to open waters. Therefore, it is advised not to swim too far from the shoreline.
  2. Monkeys:
    If you are on the east side (near the parking area and food stalls), avoid exposing food and beverages. Keep them in your bag and make sure not to leave your bag unattended. The monkeys are known to snatch food and drinks, so be vigilant with your belongings. If possible, position yourself on the west side.
  3. Clothing:
    Respect the local customs of the surrounding community, which predominantly follows Islam. Avoid wearing clothing like bikinis that minimally cover the body. Also, refrain from engaging in sensual or inappropriate behavior such as hugging and kissing with the opposite sex to maintain the beach as a family-friendly environment.
laut biru dan pasir berwarna pink di lombok timur

Have a great vacation! Don’t forget to use Lombok Journey as your tour organizer!

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