Peresean: Gladiator in Lombok

 Have you ever known about Gladiator? In Rome? I’m sure you ever know about this classic fight. The fighter we call as a gladiator, and with classic costume originally from Rome they fight each other to show how strong and fast they are. In Indonesia, in Lombok, to be more specific, we also can find a classic fight between men. They call it Peresean. If you are a man, and you like to fight, you need to come to Lombok to enjoy the sensation of Peresean, the classic fight of Lombok men.

This fight itself is actually coming from the culture of Sasak tribe, one tribe that is still existed in Lombok. Peresean was used to use to train the ability of Sasak men to fight Netherlands or other countries which reign and took over this land. This fight was only used for calling the rain in dry season. Yet today, the function is shifting, this classic fight is only used to entertain the tourists who want to enjoy a different holiday in Lombok. Persean fight will use rattan as the weapon, while the shield is using thick buffalo’s skin that sometimes called as ‘ende’. When you are travelling to Lombok, you’ve got to see this.

Now, Peresean is included in art, a traditional dance in Lombok. This unique dance, when we see it for the first time, may be full of violation or fight. That is why kids or children are better not to watch without their parents. For those who take family holidays and still want to watch this dance, better to teach and give right understanding to your kids about this dance.

Today, they fighter of this dance is not only taken from local people of Sasak, they sometimes take the fighter from the tourists. Of course if you are not ready, you can reject the invitation. The one who chooses and leads the fighting is called as Pakembar. Well, if you want an authentic experience in tasting Lombok, choose this journey as one of your Lombok tour plans. This will be great alternative vacation besides visiting Lombok Gilis or having beach holidays.

Peresean will be led by two Pakembar. One Pakembar will directly lead the game in the middle of the fighter, while another one will watch at the fight at the outside of the fighting place. There will be 5 rounds you need to pass. You also need to wear traditional cloth of Sasak tribe when you want to involve in this fighting.

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