Obel-Obel Beach Lombok

Obel-Obel beach is one of the quiet beaches in Lombok that will make your vacation more enjoyable. This beach will give you different beach holidays compared to other more popular Lombok beaches. However, it doesn’t mean that Obel-Obel beach is less beautiful. This beach is attractive and beautiful. It is very popular among the local. On weekends or certain holiday, this beach is full with visitors.

All about Obel-Obel beach you must know

Obel-Obel beach is located in Sambelia district, East Lombok. Obel-Obel is actually the name of a coastal village in this district. This beach is quite far from the nearest big town. It takes about half an hour ride to reach this beach from the center of Sambelia. The road to reach this beach is not very large but it is in a good condition. This windy road will bring you to Obel-Obel beach which is behind the Sembalu hills. This beach is located along the road that connected East Lombok and North Lombok.

Obel-Obel is a black sand beach. When you are stepping onto this beach you will see beautiful blue sea with small tide. You can swim safely in this beach. If you love fishing, then you can rent a small boat for it. You can also rent it simply to enjoy the beauty of the sea. There are many trees along this beach. They make this beach cool and shady so that you will be more protected from the scorching sun. When you are tired after playing at the beach, you can rest under one of them. While you are resting under the tree, you can buy some snacks and drinks that are sold by the locals. Obel-Obel beach is a quiet beach. It is also lack of public facility. There is no changing room in this beach.

The beauty of Obel-Obel beach

This beach is very beautiful. It will be more attractive if it is well managed and have enough public facilities. For you who love taking photographs, there are some interesting spot that you can use as objects of your shot. When you are in this beach, you will see borderless sea water in bluish green color in the south. And if you take a look at the north, you will see green forest around Mt. Rinjani. Even though it is quieter than Senggigi beach, a number of tourists from abroad also visit this beach to experience its untouched beauty.

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