Narmada Palace For The Kings, For You Now!

Taman Narmada or also known as Narmada Park is one of the best tourist destinations that you can visit in Lombok, Indonesia. The park is vast and loaded by beautiful scenery since it covers approximately 2 hectares. Built in 1727, the park is the perfect place if you want to see the real tradition of Lombok and also its ancient architecture. Today, the park is the location to hold Pakelem ceremony. It is a traditional ceremony held every full moon (approximately between October and November). Below is more information about Taman Narmada or the Narmada Park.

The Location of the Park

If you want to go to the park, you can go to Lembuah village, Narmada district. It is in West Lombok Regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat (West Nusa Tenggara), Indonesia. The park is situated approximately 10 kilometers east of the capital of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Mataram. The park is very easy to find and just cannot be missed since it is grand and vast as well.

Royal Property

The park is always a royal property. The park was built in 1727. At that time, the King who ruled Mataram Lombok was Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem. The King ordered his men to build the park and since then the park has been used for many purposes related to the royals including for getaway, safe place, and many more. Numerous traditional ceremonies are held in the park, including the Pakelan ceremony. Today, the park is still used as the place where the royal family rest during the dry season.

What’s in the Park?

In this park, the tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of several natural ponds filled by clear water. Back then, the ponds were used to be the place where the mistresses of the King took a bath. You can also see Bale Mukedas or Bale Agung. It used to be the place where the King took a break and enjoy the day. The place is packed of traditional architecture and so full of Lombok traditional culture.

The Park Tickets

To be able to visit the park, you do not have to worry about expensive tickets. The place has very affordable ticket park. If you are local tourists (Indonesian), you will have to pay IDR 4,000 and if you are foreign tourists, you will have to pay IDR 10,000. Visiting Taman Narmada will be a unique experience that you will never forget.

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