For those of you who have plans to traveling to Lombok Island, you will find a new tourist attraction on this island. This new journey is Nanggi Hill.

The mountain or hill is located in the area of ​​ Rinjani Mount National Park in the eastern part of the village precisely Sembalun District of East Lombok district, not far different from the Pergasingan hill.

Pergasingan hill is one of the more crowded hills are visited by tourist local and foreign tourists for a holiday. Mount Nanggi also presents a beautiful view.

Nanggi and scenic beauty of villages still be the object of landscape that will refresh your eyes.

Over the hill, you can see the wonderful of Mount Rinjani, Sembalun village, mountain Tambora, Sumbawa islands and villages that exist Sambelia region, Pringgabaya, Suela and others.

Mount Nanggi entered the ranks of the highest hills in comparison with six other hills located in around Mount Rinjani.

Administratively, Mount Nanggi enters into Sembalun Bumbung Village area, a hill that makes it hard tracking will show the islands or Lombok Gilislocated in eastern Lombok.

How To Get To Nanggi Hill

The distance from Mataram city to the Sembalun Bumbung Village area is about 90 km can be achieved with the two-wheeled vehicle and four wheels.

After reaching the village, Sembalun Bumbung will proceed on foot for approximately 6 hours of travel to get to the top of this Mount Nanggi.

Because of this relatively new tourist spot and nobody knows nowhere, only locals who know the access road.

It is better if you hire someone or village youth as a tour guide or a guide for those of you who want to enjoy a family holiday on the mountain.

In this hill, you can also watch the sunrise which appears behind the mountains on the island of Sumbawa.

Climbing Tracks

This ascent tracks can be said quite difficult for you novice climbers because the track is not much different from the track to the track Senaru Rinjani.

In the path of ascent, you will find a waterfall located on the bottom of the hill. The waterfall is a waterfall Banjer.

For those who are regular climbing, you can reach the top in time to four hours and six hours for novice climbers. If you want to climb this mountain, it helps you make the climb to do Lombok trip in the summer because if the rainy season is very slippery track toward the top.

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