Mawun Beach An Exceptionally Beautiful Beach in Central Lombok

Are you looking for a perfect place for your next beach holidays? Would you like to explore a hidden paradise in central Lombok?

Beautiful beaches can be easily found in Lombok but if you want to visit an exceptionally beautiful beach, Mawun Beach in Tumpak Village, Pujut County, Central Lombok District, is a perfect destination.

Visiting this beach will not only enable you to enjoy fresh sea breeze but also enable you to see beautiful panorama of an unexplored area.

You may sit down on the beach and let the sea breeze blow your hair and skin while you are watching how beautiful waves collide on the sand.

Actually, whether you are having family holidays or couples holidays, you will love this beach because you can always find an activity that is perfect for each of you.

You may swim, play sand, play football on the sand, sunbath, take photos or take a rest with your family, friends or loved one in a berugaq. A berugaq is a typical building of Sasak tribe in Lombok.

It is originally an open air room that is separated from the traditional Lombok houses and is used to receive casual guests.

In Mawun Beach lombok, there are several berugaq that can be used by tourists to take a rest. You may rent one of them and use it with your friends or family after swimming or doing other activities.

In this case, one thing that you should remember before swimming on the beach is to choose the spot carefully.

It is better for you to swim on the left part of the beach because the waves are calmer. Then, due to the beauty of Mawun Beach, many people also use this spot as a place to take photos for various special occasions including pre-wedding and landscape.

Getting to Mawun Beach is not a difficult thing to do because the condition of the roads to the beach is good. To get there, you can take public transportation, hire a taxi, or rent a car.

You can also ride your motorcycle or drive your own cars without getting lost because there are many road signs that will tell you the direction to the beach.

Your journey will not feel boring because it enables you to see beautiful sceneries. The trip from Mataram to Mawun Beach will take 2 hours. However, if you stat from Lombok International Airport, you will only need 45 minutes to reach the beach.

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