Gili Lampu – Lombok Undiscovered Beauty

Lombok has many attractions. One of them is the smaller islands that surround it. Some of them are very popular, but others are newly discovered and only popular among the locals.

One of the newly discovered Lombok gilis is Gili Lampu. Years ago, this small island was only popular among the locals. Nowadays, it is getting more popular.

People who have holiday in Lombok starts including this island in their Lombok tour packages.

Gili Lampu is located in East Lombok.  To reach this island, you must take a fast boat from Labuhan Pandan port at Transad village. It takes about 15-minute boat ride to reach this island.

Labuhan Pandan Port is 2.5 hours drive from Lombok International airport. The road to this port is in excellent condition so that you are guaranteed to have smooth drive.

Gili Lampu attraction

Gili Lampu is beautiful and has attractive beach. This small private island has white sand beach and clear blue sea water. There is a lighthouse in this island.

That’s why it is called Gili Lampu (Pulau Lampu) or Lamp Island. While you are having a vacation in this island, you can enjoy several activities. One of them is that swimming in the sea.

The water is safe for swimming. If you cannot swim, you can simply enjoying the beauty of this island. There are several shady places to relax.

Another thing you must not forget to do while you are in this island is watching the sunrise or sunset. This small island is one of the perfect spot in Lombok to see sunrise and sunset.

To be able to see the sunrise, you had better stay at one of the bungalows in this island.

Gili Lampu is a quiet island. There is not much holiday makers visiting this island. That’s why it is perfect for couples holidays and family holidays.

However, this small island is usually full with holiday makers during school holidays, New Year holiday, and Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Accommodation in Gili Lampu

Gili Lampu has sufficient facilities to make your Gili Lampu Lombok trip enjoyable. Some of the public facilities you can find in this island are toilets and changing room.

There are some small stores that provide you with choices of beverages and foods. If you want to stay in this island, there are some bungalows you can rent.

Book ahead to make sure you can stay in it. All of the facilities in Gili Lampu are managed by some people who live in Transad village.

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