Gili Kedis – A Mini Paradise in Lombok Island

Gili Kedis is the smallest Gilis in Lombok. To put it simply, Lombok Gilis mean “Lombok small islands”, since “Gili” in Lombok language means a “small island”.

There are so several Gilis in Lombok, each is blessed with their own uniqueness and beauty, with Kedis being the smallest Gilis of all. This small island is located in Sekotong, Western Lombok.

In comparison to other Gilis, this one is very small with its left and right sides no bigger than one-hundred metres. There are plenty of wonderful things to see and do when you are in this island.

You would be pampered with its rich range of corals, beautiful fish, pristine beaches that located not faar from the island, as well as its overall mesmerizing sea ecosystem.

The water is very clean and clear, you can see the corals and the reef clearly even from the surface. You can freely sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling while you are on this island.

Planning your holiday to this island can actually be rewarding as there are plenty of wonderful things in store to enrich your beach holidays’ fun.

When you are traveling to Gili Kedis, there are some tips that you might want to consider to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

As there are no food peddlers or stores on the island, you will need to bring your own foods and drinks there, especially if you are going there for some family holidays or couple holidays.

If you are not staying for long, then at least you need to bring some mineral water to keep yourself hydrated during your journey and your stay.

Aside from sea as its main attractions, sunrise and sunset are also the main charms of this island. You might want to go here at early mornings or stay until it got almost dark.

Do not forget to bring your camera! There are so many wonderful things on this island which are worth to be documented, period.

Also, when you are planning to rent afast boat or a diving equipment for your Gili Kedis Lombok tour, make sure to bring extra cash because there are no Automatic Teller Machines here.

Well, when you are in the central, city-part of Lombok, you would find plenty of ATMs, but not here. Being a rather isolated area, this kind of minor inconvenience is to be expected.

But who cares? It’s beautiful enough there! And you can keep yourself entertained for hours and hours in the touch of beautiful nature. Just make sure to bring extra cash though.

Because like what have been explained earlier, you might need to rent boat or even equipment for snorkelling. As to how you can get here, there are 2 ways you can get into this smallest Gili.

The first way is to go by a boat for approximately sixty minutes from the Lembar port.

The second way is by going through the land line which extends from area of Western Sekotong in Tawun, and then continue to go to the island by riding a boat for about fifteen minutes top. 

Enjoy your Lombok trip in the smallest Gili in Lombok! Gili Kedis is waiting!

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