Heavenly Scenery in Sire Beach Lombok

Pantai Sire or Sire Beach is the most well-known beach in Lombok. West Nusa Tenggara. Located in the North Lombok district, the beach is going to give you the best beach scenery that you can ever get in Lombok. The beach has numerous attractive and interesting aspects that make the beach is worth visited. Beside of the marvelous scenery, you can enjoy many outdoor water activities in the beach. The weather is also great and this is the perfect beach where you can spend more time with your family during your Lombok vacation. From the beach, you can also see Mount Rinjani that initially adds more beauty to the beach. Below is more description about Pantai Sire.

About the Beach

The beach is the perfect place for sightseeing since the scenery is wonderful. In the beach, you can also see beautiful curving coast line for almost 3,8 km long. It is so beautiful indeed. The ocean is really crystal clear blue and looks so refreshing. The sands getting between our toes as we walk on the beach is so soft and nice textured. The beach has relatively calm waves. That is why the beach is perfect for family time. Your kids can play with the water without having to worry about big wave coming.

What to do There?

As stated before, you can enjoy many outdoor water activities in the beach. It is including swimming using used tire (which is quite unique and you probably won’t find it anywhere else), canoeing, diving, snorkeling, and many more. Beside of that you can also rent a boat and go fishing. During the fishing trip, you will see many seagulls playing around and chasing the waves. However, the best thing that you can do in this beach is actually sightseeing.

As you know, you can see Mount Rinjani from the beach and the beach is surrounded by palm trees and green grass. That is why the scenery of the beach is just amazing and that is why it is the perfect place for you to have vacation time with your family. There will be no difficulties for you to find a place to stay near the beach because near the beach there are a lot of hotels and motels that you can rent. Most of them provide rooms with ocean view so that you can get to see the beautiful scenery of Pantai Sirefrom the room you rent.

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