Gili Sudak: Another Untouched Lombok Beauty

There are approximately 30 small islands that are encircling Lombok Island. These small islands are one of the best attractions of Lombok tour. Aside from the three famous Lombok Gilis (Trawangan, Meno, and Air), there are less popular islands that worth your time during your Lombok trip. One of the small islands that must be visited during your holiday in Lombok is Gili Sudak. This small private island is located in Sekotong, West Lombok. Though it is not very popular but its untouched beauty is very stunning. You will meet few tourists in this island. It can be a great day trip alternative for couples holidays and family holidays.

Accommodation and How to reach Gili Sudak

Gili Sudak is very accessible. You can rent a boat from Tawun port. It takes only 20 minute boat journey to reach this small island. Tawun Port is located around 40 km from Mataram. To go to this port, you can only need an hour drive. You can also access it from a beach port in Mid Sekotong. At this port, you will meet fishermen who are willing to rent their boat to take you to this island.

Gili Sudak does not have sufficient modern public facilities. However, it will not make your vacation less fun and exciting. There are some shady resting places and toilets you can find in this island. You can also rent snorkeling equipment and canoe at this island. When you are stepping on this island, you will see gorgeous white sand beach. A guide will also meet a tour guide who will offer you with grilled fish and waters. The guide will also help you exploring the island beauty and the underwater beauty.

What Gili Sudak has to offer?

Gili Sudak is quiet and peaceful. The beauty of the beach with soft white sand will make you want to stay in this island longer than you intended. If you go deeper to this island, you will find untouched green forest. Around the island, you will see crystal clear water. The wave is calm so that you can swim safely. If you are tired of swimming, you can rent a canoe and enjoy the loveliness of the nature. Under the clear water, you will discover stunning coral life. To enjoy this spectacular view, you only need to rent snorkeling equipment from the tour guide. Across from Gili Sudak, you can see smaller island, GIli Gendis. You only need 5-minute boat ride from Gili Sudak to explore it.


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