Gerupuk Beach Lombok Island, Best Place to Surf!

You must go to Gerupuk, in Lombok Island. You will find a series of colourful coral and millions of beautiful fish. You will never find this exited experience of surfing in other place. Beautiful arcing bay cover with white sand beaches surround with green forest. The huge waces barrel in outside Gerupuk Lombok.

Gerupuk Island is a huge bay 7 km east from Kuta. There are five different surfing spots you can choose with various tide, wind and swell combination. You can always get best wave at Gerupuk. Please notice; all waves can only accessed by boat. Most of Kuta surfer surf at Gerupuk. Gerupuk is the most popular break in Kuta. You have to rent a boat, it is Rp80,000 for the boat. You also can rent motorbikes to get to Gerupuk. It cost about Rp40,000 for manual and Rp50,000 for automatic.

Australian surfers identified the secret surf place named The Desert Point. This place locates in South West cost of Lombok. The native people call it Bangko bangko beach. Believe me, surfing in Lombok is much less hassle than in Kuta Beach Bali. The Gerupuk Beach, Lombok also the best place to surf. Sometimes you may need to hire boat from beach to take you to some of the wave’s point. There are only minimal facilities, think it as basic beach camping and the nearest tourist facilities are in Sekotong. Do not worry; there are many local surfers those enthusiasts to help you find a good starting point.

A sheltered bay located inside of Gerupuk is the best surfing point for beginners. The floor is a soft reef bed that does not cause much damage. For the expert, outsides is generally the most reliable bet for a surf. Much of it wave is a right-hander and quite heavy. Gerupuk Bay is a right-hander over a flat reef. It is the best place suitable for all levels surfer. You will fell the fun waves, with a long wall and a forgiving lip. Protected and surround by hill, it will handle any kind of wind. Best on an incoming tide and can hold 10ft solid. Beside Gerupuk, you can choose other surf spots; Don-Don, Kid’s Point, Are Guling, Seger Beach, Mawi, Ekas Bay.

By the way, if you not interested to surf, it is better to join http://www.surfcamplombokfoundation.org. They search for volunteer. The Surfcamp Lombok Foundation looks for people to teach English in Gerupuk village. You do not need to be fluent in English or have teaching experience. The children there are really enthusiasms to learn and many fun you could find. If you travelling through Lombok and would like spend your time, come and them and you will reward with unforgotten experience!

Mimpi Manis homestay is best place to stay, fan cooled is only 100,000 or a/c 150,000. You can choose other, just look at Surfer’s Inn or The Spot. You can contact Mimpi Manis (http://www.mimpimanis.com), believe me you will get big benefit for accommodation solution and for local transport. After you arrive at the airport, just get into a taxi. The airport taxis are in good condition and air-conditioned. Metered taxis are not permit pick up passangers in airport grounds.

I have made a list; just choose your own best place to stay

Seger Reef Homestay, Kuta, ☎ +62 370 655528.
Are Goling Bungalows & Restaurant, Standard double bungalow from Rp 200,000.
G’Day Inn, Kuta, ☎ +62 370 655342.
Matahari Inn, Kuta (from the junction, turn right), ☎ +62 370 655000, [8]. Basic roomsfrom about US$ 20.
Surfers Inn, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), ☎ +62 370 55582. Standard room with fan Rp 110,000, A/C Rp 180,000 and superior A/C room Rp 260,000.
Mimpi Manis Homestay, Jalan Raya Mong, Desa Mong, Kuta (about 2 km north of Kuta village), ☎ + 62 818 369950, Fan-cooled room Rp 100,000 A/C Rp 150,000 and house Rp 200,000.
Anda Bungalows & Restaurant, Jl Pantai Kuta, Kuta (centrally located on the beach road), ☎ +62 370 654836. Standard room with fan Rp 100,000 and A/C room Rp 150,000.
Puri Rinjani Bungalow & Restaurant , ☎ +62 370 654849 (+62 370 653749). Standard room with fan Rp 150,000 and premium air-con room Rp 400,000.
Segare Anak Bungalow & Restaurant, Kuta. Standart Room with fan from Rp 80,000-150,000and A/C room Rp 200,000
Kuta Inda Hotel, A/C rooms have a private balcony and bathroomfrom about US$25.
Sekar Kuning Bungalow and Restaurant (Yellow Flower Bungalow), Jl Pariwisata (centrally located on the beach road), ☎ +62 370 654856. Standard room with fan Rp 100,000.
Yulis Homestay, Kuta, ☎ +62 819 17100983. Comfortable en-suite rooms with air-conditioning. Rp 300,000.
Lakuen Bungalows, Lakuen, Gerupuk (about 15 min driving, east of Kuta village), ☎ +62 801 907 006 138. Bungalow Rp 500,000.

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