Do this In Lombok or Got Regret!

Are you planning on visiting Lombok this holiday? It is exactly the best idea ever! Visiting Lombok will get you relaxing times during your holiday. So, you should never miss some things you can only get in Lombok.

Visiting beaches

The first and the most important thing for you to do in Lombok is to visit its beaches. There five best beaches in Lombok such as Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, Mawun, Sire Beach and Gili Meno. These all beaches will get you perfect oceanic view with white soft sand and beautiful sunshine. Especially in Gili Meno, you can spend the whole day lay down in the beach while enjoying the ocean. These all destinations are located in popular spots, so you can easily find them, especially Selong Belanak which you can visit even just with scooter from several hotels there. But, for you who want more adventure the Pink Beach can be the best beach to visit. It is located in quite remote area where you have to pass some challenging drive to reach the beach. The name of the beach, Pink Beach, is called after the color of the sand in its beach. Can you imagine? It has pink sand! The coral which blends with the soft white sand create pink color to the whole sand in this beach.

Mount Rinjani hiking

Besides visiting the beaches, you should also enjoy some hiking moment in Mount Rinjani, or maybe you want to climb the mountain to get more adventure. Mount Rinjani is well known as one of the best tourist attractions in Lombok. Some people would love to climb the mountain to reach its top where they can enjoy a large lake called Segara Anak and climb the volcanic top of the mountain. Don’t worry if you cannot climb mountain! You can still enjoy the mountain from the village around the mountain like from Sembalun Bumbung and Sembalun Lawang. These two villages are actually the starting point to climb the mountain. Spend one or two days in home stay here will get you some time to hike the mountain while enjoying the vegetable gardens and fresh tropical air. Bring your jacket! It can be really cold sometimes.  

Exploring ocean and village

The last things you must do in Lombok is to explore the ocean and villages here. It is a must for you to dive in! Can you imagine only for about 15 – 30 meters under the sear you already get the best tropical underwater view such as the coral and fish. And for you who like to know more about the culture, you should visit the village and the art market. Just rend bicycle and you will get the best day in your vacation. 


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