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Exploring Gili Air Lombok

Gili Air is one of the famous Lombok Gilis. Visiting this small gorgeous island will give you ultimate Lombok holiday experience. This island is not as crowded as the

Gili Kedis – A Mini Paradise in Lombok Island

Gili Kedis is the smallest Gilis in Lombok. To put it simply, Lombok Gilis mean “Lombok small islands”, since “Gili” in Lombok language means a “small island”. There are so

Lagoon In The Jungle
Gilis or Small Island in Lombok

The Wonderful Moyo Island ( Pulau Moyo ) Tour

Pulau Moyo is an elegantly arching crescent if volcanic rock, covered with a thick jungle that spreads all across 36,000 of the island. It floats on

Gili Sudak: Another Untouched Lombok Beauty

There are approximately 30 small islands that are encircling Lombok Island. These small islands are one of the best attractions of Lombok tour. Aside from the three famous