Amazing Lombok island mountain coastline aerial drone view from above. Near Selong Belanak

How to get to Lombok islands

The most common way to get to Lombok via Bali. From Singapore there are direct flights to Lombok with Silk Air which makes it easy

Gili Trawangan Area Villa Ombak Resort

Hotel Vila Ombak, the first international hotel on the magical island of Gili Trawangan, is a place that balances the comforts of first class accommodation

The Myth behind Bau Nyale Ritual

Bau Nyale ritual is a traditional ceremony that is done by Sasak people in Lombok. This tradition is done between February and March. If you are planning

Enjoying Vacations in Tunak Hill

Not only have the beautiful beaches with great underwater scenery but you can also the mountainous area that you can enjoy in Lombok Island. The

An Umberella Made From Stone, Only in Lombok

 After Bali, Lombok is the next popular destinations, both for local tourists or for international tourists. This small island is sometimes called as island of a thousand

Do this In Lombok or Got Regret!

Are you planning on visiting Lombok this holiday? It is exactly the best idea ever! Visiting Lombok will get you relaxing times during your holiday.

Exploring Gili Air Lombok

Gili Air is one of the famous Lombok Gilis. Visiting this small gorgeous island will give you ultimate Lombok holiday experience. This island is not as crowded as the

Gili Kedis – A Mini Paradise in Lombok Island

Gili Kedis is the smallest Gilis in Lombok. To put it simply, Lombok Gilis mean “Lombok small islands”, since “Gili” in Lombok language means a “small island”. There are so

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