Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfall, A Nature Call.

Lombok offers so many destinations to the tourists who come every day in Indonesia. Great beaches, mountain, forests, and waterfalls are some stops that you can choose in Lombok. Talking about waterfall, there are two famous waterfalls to visit for your holiday, Benang Stokel & Kelambu waterfall are two popular waterfall that people choose for their vacation. You just need to take 40 minutes of driving from Mataram. These two waterfalls are included or located in area of MT. Rinjani.

The entrance ticket for this waterfall is very cheap, you only need to pay around IDR 3000 and parking fee for IDR 2000. It is very affordable for local tourists as well. If you drive car, the parking fee will be IDR 15.000. There are two routes to choose for this journey. For those who like traveling, this can be a great experience to enjoy. From the parking area, you can walk for 20 minutes to Benang Stokel. By choosing this first route, you can find forest path that is full of monkey. Thus, you can bring some food for them, if you want. What a great stop for family holidays! You can show your kids the monkey.

The height of this waterfall is not too high, it is only 30 meters. There are two sources of water from the waterfall. You can find some places to rest, here, so that for those who go with their family, they can rest for a while there. Besides, the waterfall also has an area which is like a pond. The tourists can swim there, then. From this waterfall, there will be a shortcut to go to the next waterfall. It only takes 30 minutes to get there. Or you can choose the second route, going to there from the parking lot. Yet, of course it takes longer time to go to this second waterfall, it is around an hour by walking. From the parking lot, you need to drive actually to cut the time. The second waterfall is too far to be accessed by walking.

The height of this second waterfall is higher than the first, it is around 40 meters. Well, you can make it in your list of Lombok tour or Lombok trip. This can be an alternative for you besides visiting the Lombok Gilis. There are so many places to explore in Lombok, and beach holidays are only small part of it. Go far and find more!

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