Beaches You Must See in Lombok, Never Missed a Single!

Coming to Lombok, a small island in the East side of Bali, Indonesia, is absolutely a great holiday idea. It is a perfect holiday spot for you who want to spend some time in a quite tropical island which makes you relax. There are some beaches you have to visit in Lombok. Not only they can be found in Lombok alone, they are also beautiful and unique. Imagine yourself lay down on the beach while enjoying pink sand! Yeah, it is that beautiful!

Pink Beach

The first beach you must visit in Lombok is the Pink Beach. Though it is located in remote area, not too far from Tanjung Ringgit, coming to the Pink Beach would give you the best beach view point. The beach is named after its pink sand which consists of pink coral. The sand is actually white, but the pink coral blend into it and creates pink color. For anyone who has sense of adventure, coming to Pink Beach would be a double adventure. First, you have to pass some challenging drives with beautiful view and it will end at the Pink Beach where you can get relax and enjoy the beach.

Mawun Beach

The second is Mawun Beach. Different from the Pink Beach which is located in remote area wih challenging drive, Mawun Beach is much easier to reach. It’s awesome! You can just coming to this beach with your scooter. You will be instantly amazed when you see the wide soft white sand around the turquoise water of the ocean. It is a perfect tropical beach which you can visit whenever you want in Lombok. Since it is enclosed the bay, you don’t have to worry about the access, indeed you don’t have to come to some remote area to enjoy this paradise.

Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak Viewpont

Another super awesome beach you have to visit is Tanjung Aan. This beach is located in south part of Lombok. Just like Mawun Beach, Tanjung Aan also offers you a beautiful beach with turquoise ocean and white sand around it, only that you will see wider beach with much more white sand. It will be a perfect place to spend your holiday time enjoying the tropical sun and beautiful ocean at once. At last, you have to visit Selong Belanak. It is more than just a beach, it is a perfect viewpoint where you can enjoy an amazing view.

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