The Myth behind Bau Nyale Ritual

Bau Nyale ritual is a traditional ceremony that is done by Sasak people in Lombok. This tradition is done between February and March.

If you are planning to have a vacation in this island, it is better for you to plan it when this festival is on schedule. Therefore, you can get unique and unforgettable experience while having a Lombok holiday.

What is Bau Nyale Ritual

Bau Nyale ritual is a ceremony that is performed at Seger beach and Kuta beach. It is said that this ritual has been done for hundreds years. In this ceremony, the locals are hunting for Nyale.

Nyale is a kind of sea worm that lives between the coral in this beach. That’s why this ritual is called Bau Nyale. Bau is Sasak world that means search in English.

This traditional ceremony usually is done about half an hour before dawn. Watching this ceremony is very interesting.  Holiday makers are allowed to join this ceremony.

You can bring a small pail and start hunting the sea worms. You can even enjoy certain traditional foods made of this particular worm. Aside from searching worm, holiday makers can also enjoy carnivals and other traditional attractions.

The legend behind Bau Nyale ritual

Bau Nyale Ritual is based on a myth that is believed by the Sasak people. This story is about a gorgeousl princess called Princess Mandalika.

She was the daughter of King Tonjang Beru and Queen Dewi Seranting. This Sasak princess was very beautiful and attractive. She was not only attractive, but she was also kind hearted.

And because of her beauty and kindness, many men were in love with her. Princes from several kingdoms across Lombok were coming to her palace to propose her.

Princess Mandalika was not sure of what she was going to do. There are too many princes to choose. And if she chose one of them, other princes will be hurt and disappointed.

Their disappointment would surely lead to war and endanger her people. She didn’t want it to happen. Finally, after a long thought, Princess Mandalika found a solution to this problem.

One morning, she invited all the princes who had proposed her. They came to where they were invited which was at the Mandalika Hill with the below it.

All the princes were waiting for the princess to come. Finnaly, she came to the hill. Instead of accepting one of the princes, Princess Mandalika jumped into the sea. All the guests were searching for her.

But they found nothing and found Nyale instead. Sasak people believe that Nyale is the reincarnation of Princess Mandalika. There are a set of statues that tells this story in Seger beach.

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