An Umberella Made From Stone, Only in Lombok

 After Bali, Lombok is the next popular destinations, both for local tourists or for international tourists. This small island is sometimes called as island of a thousand mosques, but sometimes people also call it as island of a thousand beaches. Yes, Lombok can be an alternative vacation for those who like to have beach holidays. There will be so mnay places to explore in Lombok, the Lombok Gilis or small islands which surround the main island will be great for those who like traveling.

In Lombok Tengah (central lombok), at southern part of it, there is Batu Payung beach. This beach is not that famous two years ago, but then there is an advertisement that uses this place on their project, and suddenly this beach becomes famous and an alternative destination for some Lombok Tour. Access to get to Batu Payung is quite easy, from Mataram you just need to drive for half hour. If you want to go directly from the Lombok International Airport, just drive for 45 minutes. This beach is actually located at the east part of Tanjung Aan beach, it is one kilometer at the east part. Well, it does not take long time to get there, then. Batu payung is hidden between hills, that is why it sometimes called as the hidden paradise.

There are two alternative roads you can have to enjoy your journey. First way is by taking a walk through the coast line, another way is taking a fast boat from Tanjung Aan. If you choose to walk, you can park your car or motorcycle near the local people’s house, even the local will offer you a guide who will guide you walking. What a perfect Lombok trip for family holidays.

After parking the car, walk to west for a kilometer. If the wave is too big, then better for you to hike the hill. And from that hill the tourists can see the suurounding scenery of this island. If you go at 10 am in the morning, you need to hike the hill, since the wave is still quite big. But if you go at 1 pm, then you can just walk through the coastline. Yet, be careful since at the coastline there will be small rocks that are quite slippery. Do not forget to take picture of the Batu Payung itself. It was a hill, but because of abrasion, the form of the hill is getting smaller.

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