Banyumulek – Handicraft Centers to Train Your Creativity

Lombok natural wealth is already well known to the world. The beauty of the beach, mountains, and the sea are able to invite many tourists to visit here. But, do not think Lombok does not have a wealth of others.

Banyumulek is the biggest pottery production center in Lombok-based clay. It can be processed into goods that are beneficial and beautiful.

Doing traveling and visiting Banyumelek village, visitors are not only treated to a wonderful range of pottery.

Visitors can also see the direct processing of pottery clay to be uniquely designed with beautiful colors.

The hands of the craftsman who are expert wrestle with clay to produce art objects artistic be serving a special experience when visiting this village. In fact, visitors can try making pottery.

Make Your Own Work

Most of these Lombok tours and journey can demonstrate how to create a form of pottery and using simple tools. The tool is only using a round plate that can be rotated by hand.

Clay materials will be formed with the rotator, after that dried and burned. If you want to experience the manufacturing process, you can create your own masterpiece.

The visitors will be given the opportunity to create his work. One of the products that you can try is Kendi Maling. The craftsmen will teach you how to make a pitcher. After that, you can continue the trip and other trips Lombok.

Unique Handicrafts Of Banyumulek

The resulting excess pottery Banyumelek village is not only in diverse forms. The resulting color is very beautiful and has its own characteristics.

These two things are tempt visitors to make pottery in village Banyumelek as a souvenir. The price of a pottery determines by the complexity of the design as well as the duration of the manufacturing process.

Typically, a pottery sells for tens thousands to millions rupiah. One of those is Kendi Maling. This kendi has unique design and story. It has a hole that will be used to drain the water.

Banyumulek works had already penetrated to the international market. The skills of the craftsmen is apparently supported by the surrounding nature.

Around the village, clay and water that is the raw material is easy to obtain, similarly to the dye material. The craftsmen are usually used natural dyes, such as tamarind seeds are cooked first.

This is one of Lombok tourist attractions to do traveling and spending holiday. You can make up your mind to get your turn to make your own Craft.

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