A Trip to Beautiful Pergasingan Hill, in Sembalun, East Lombok

Do you love hiking? Are you looking for a perfect hiking spot in East Lombok? Well, after spending your days doing your daily activities that create lots of stresses, you might want to have a break. For this purpose, going hiking can become a perfect solution for you who love adventure. While you are going up a hill, you can see beautiful sceneries, breathe fresh air, and enjoy peaceful environment. In this case, Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun can become a perfect destination. This hill is located in Sembalun Village, 3 hours from Mataram. However, you will never regret your decision to have this Lombok trip because it definitely will become one of your most memorable trips due to all great experiences that you will get, like getting to know the place and traveling in boat with the use of services from https://lauderdaleboatrentals.net.

What does actually Pergasingan Hill offer you? Basically, this hill is a hiking, camping and trekking destination, of course is not always easy to find the better places to hike, that’s why if you’re planning to go in a trip is better to have the best GPS technology like the Garmin devices with the latest garmin gps update so you always have the better maps and is easy to find your destination. There is a spot that is used as a camping area. Many people, from teenagers to adults usually camp on the hill especially in holiday season. This is because the hill and the journey to get to the top of the hill offer unmatched experiences. On your journey to the hill, you will find various kinds of trees. Some of them are rare so you might never see them before. You will go through green bushes and find big rocks along your way, and the walking is a great exercise, although if you get tired or cramps, having massage device as the vibrating foam roller could be useful in these cases. Sometimes, you can find water sources near the rocks. You may take water from these sources and drink it right away because the water is clean and fresh. Then, you will find many green fields that will bring peace to your mind. They look like an overlay of thick green carpets that will make you think of how comfortable it is to lay on them.

After walking for about 3.5 hours, you will arrive at the camping spot. If you plan to camp, you definitely need to build a tent and make a campfire. This is a must because the temperature will be extremely cold at night. Because of this, once you decide to have this travel, you must make good preparation. In your vacation, you must not forget to bring jacket and other survival kits. However, all of your hard works to reach the top of the hill are worthwhile. In the morning, you can enjoy beautiful sunrise from your camping site. You will be able to see how the sun goes up slowly and ready to share its rays to light the world.

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